How a Smile Makeover Can Lead to a Healthier Lifestyle

How a Smile Makeover Can Lead to a Healthier Lifestyle 2A smile makeover is known to completely change the way your smile looks, but can it also change your smile health? When our Invisalign provider in Huntington Beach plans your smile makeover, we take the time to ensure each stage of your makeover process and every recommended treatment work together to give you a better-looking smile, while also giving you a smile that functions better and contributes to better dental health.

Treatments can include the following:
• New fillings
Replacing worn metal fillings with new tooth-colored fillings can give you a more attractive smile. The new fillings can also help strengthen your teeth and keep them healthy longer.

• Dental bonding
Reshaped and restored teeth look and function better than worn or damaged teeth.

• Invisalign
Closed gaps or better spacing can make your teeth easier to clean, while a properly aligned bite puts less stress on both teeth and jaw.

• Implants or other tooth restorations
Replacing lost teeth creates a balanced, attractive smile. It also helps maintain bone density and health, and it prevents the drifting or shifting of the adjacent teeth, which are common after tooth loss.

Many of our patients find that they become even more committed to keeping their smiles healthy after undergoing a smile makeover. Better dental habits naturally lead to better dental health overall. You will be less likely to suffer from gum inflammation, gum disease, tooth decay, jaw problems and other common dental issue. You may even find that your new smile confidence leads to other healthy choices, such as a more balanced diet and increased exercise. Call us today to find out more or to schedule your appointment with our team.


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