Invisalign or Braces

invisalign or bracesCrooked or misaligned teeth can affect how you feel about your smile and may also affect your dental health. If your teeth are not properly aligned, you may be a candidate for orthodontics, and you may be asking whether Invisalign or braces is the better option. Many factors can play a role in the treatment you choose, and talking to our dentist can help you better narrow down those options.

Braces are an excellent orthodontic treatment that can be used to correct mild, moderate, and severe malocclusions. Braces work using metal brackets that are bonded to each tooth. These brackets are attached to an archwire. The wire is adjusted periodically to apply pressure and move teeth into their correct positions.

Invisalign can be used to treat many of the same problems that braces treat, but may not be appropriate for all patients or orthodontic problems. It works using removable aligners that are custom-fit according to a detailed treatment plan. Aligners are worn for about two weeks at a time and apply pressure to specific teeth to guide them into the proper position. Our dentist may consider the extent and complexity of your orthodontic issues when recommending Invisalign or braces.

Invisalign or Braces?

Each treatment option offers its own benefits and drawbacks.

• Invisalign is almost invisible when you wear it. Today’s braces are much smaller and more discreet than past versions, but they are still visible and can cause patients to feel self-conscious during treatment.

• Invisalign is removable, which means that you can still eat your normal diet and brush and floss with ease. With braces, you may need to alter your diet to avoid damaging the braces, and you may also need to adapt your dental hygiene routine to ensure that you are cleaning your teeth adequately.

• Invisalign is made of smooth plastic and is unlikely to irritate your gums, cheeks, and other soft tissues. Braces can be irritating to the delicate oral tissues, and patients may need to use a special orthodontic wax to reduce irritation.

We can help you decide if Invisalign or braces can give you the smile of your dreams. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation with our Huntington Beach Invisalign expert.


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